Best Ways To Keep Your Eyesight Close To Perfection

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Eye Muscles, Eyesight

Best Ways To Keep Your Eyesight Close To Perfection

Protect your eye!

Animals have inborn knowledge about themselves and sometimes do things, without thinking, that are good for their health. You may have seen a dog eating flowers and grass. And you wonder, what can be the reason for this kind of behavior. Well, animals have different ways of sending information that is necessary for their health, dogs for example instinctively reach for stomach smoothing plants when they have stomach pain and issues with their digestive system.

Your eye is best HD television on the world

We, humans, being able to send information verbally and in written form can also teach our successors some tips that can affect our health. So here are some tips on health to lead a better life.

Practice eye muscles & eat vegetables

Not being able to see clearly or having a blurred vision can be terrible, as the feeling of losing one of five senses can be devastating.

Eating vegetables like carrots, kale and corn can help improve your eyesight. This doesn’t mean that if you eat this kind of food every day, you will have your eyesight restored.

Balanced died that include these above mentioned veggies can overtime improve your eyesight. Working on your eye muscles by focusing your sight on a dot that is extremely close and another that is extremely far is also an excellent way to improve your sight. This will strengthen those muscles and in short time help you to see more clearly.

Get out on a sunny day

Staying at home on a sunny day can be a mistake that will cost you when your immune system fails to fight the simple flu on winter or fall. Skin being the biggest organ, is responsible for receiving all that sun provides. Like plants, we humans, require sunlight to survive to. We don’t provide oxygen like plants, but we do give something in return to them that is necessary for their survival.

Get a lot of quality sleep

Sleep deprivation can do a lot of damage to mental as well as physical health. Our body regenerates during sleep, depriving ourselves of quality sleep is denying our body the right to regenerate. So make sure to sleep at least for 7 hours and do not sleep more than 10 hours. If you have problems with sleep, change the pillow or a bed mattress that you are sleeping on. If this doesn’t help, try sleeping masks if you are a light sleeper.

Avoid obesity

Keep your body fit and healthy, do your exercise daily and eat healthy food and you should be safe from obesity. Overweight is unnatural, and can create problems with knees, hips, and joints. Obese people have a higher chance of a stroke, heart diseases, and kidney problems. Junk food is a good way to gain weight in short time, so keep your diet natural and stay away from processed food. Sodas filled with sugar are extremely bad for health as well so try to avoid those to.

By exercising only 20 minutes per day, you can maintain your weight and keep your body healthy


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